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If you're a Marketing Speak regular, then you know I'm a real uber-geek when it comes to technical SEO. That's why I love so much matching wits with a fellow SEO tech geek such as

You Have a “Story”: Willing to Share It? One of the privileges I have with my profession is to know the heart and soul of individuals through the telling of the stories of their lives. I am honored to be trusted for people to share the story of where they have come from, what their current situation is, and hopes for the future.

This is an amazing video of a town in England that switched off the traffic lights in a usually congested area.


Google Docs Awai – Write Your First Novel Now What does your email look like for a first attempt at contact?. I'd like to write a fiction novel soon. I've been batting one around. Here's a specific. These are very entry-level, but if you just need Microsoft Word/Google Docs and access to email in order to get your write on. While the librarians can

Left-of-center blog friend Silence Dogood, whom we seem to have chased away, told me early on that the sky-boxes subsidize ticket prices for the nosebleed seats and that HOT lanes absorb traffic from the non payers — why would we not let rich folks buy a better health care experience and siphon some of that money off to treat others?

James Wedmore – Paid Video Ads Bootcamp Mp4 Alex Schlinsky – Prospecting On Demand Last Version Portfolio List. Over 700 solutions-oriented companies founded and/or led by women including biotech, enterprise software, gaming, robotics, alternative energy, computer and medical devices, consumer. Alex has directly contributed to over two dozen agencies and businesses generating their first $10,000 in monthly revenue, and a handful of others