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With equal despair and even greater urgency, when Colin Turnbull found the Ik of Uganda in their mountains near the Kenyan frontier in the early 1970s, he was dismayed by the demoralization of a people who had lost their will to live or to sustain one another in villages 'of the dead and dying and there was little difference between the two'.

Brother Colin Turner: Excellent advice, Brother James Harris. If more people had your approach, the experience of converts would be very different. And of course, the issues that converts face is one of the main reasons behind Brother Terence Helikaon Nunis’ formation of the group.

The Man Called CASH – The Life, Love and Faith of an American Legend – Steve Turner You Don’t Know Me – Reflections of My Father, Ray Charles – Ray Charles Robinson Jr, Mary Jane Ross Biography – Intellectuals & Scientists

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